Tour Dates for the 2023 Tour Season!

The Board of Directors have set the following dates and times for the 2023 tour season of the Historic Nevada State Prison. Each tour day will have tours at 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, and noon. The 23 tour dates are:– Saturdays: 13 and 27 May; 17 and 24 June; 1, 15, and 29 July; 12 and 26 August; 2 and 23 September; 7, 21, and 28 October.– Sundays: 28 May; 2 July; 3 September; 29 October.– Mondays: 29 May; 3 July; 4 September.– Tuesday: 4 July.– Friday: 27 October. TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE FOR JULY AND AUGUST! Visit the Box … Read More

NSP on the radio!

Reno Media Group, with nine local radio stations, took a tour of the historic Nevada State Prison site, and interviewed our Vice President, Maurice White, for their public affairs program, Insight. This program aired on Sunday, 23 October, and they furnished us a 30 minute, digital recording. Feel free to listen to it here.

Ghost Walks at NSP…

We have a few more Ghost Walks available for the season. We have on on Friday, 14 October, and our big Halloween Event on Monday, 31 October. Check out our Box Office for all of the details and to buy tickets.

Lots of Movies Were Filmed at NSP!

Come to the Dangberg Ranch on Saturday the 13th of August at 10.00am to learn about the movies that were filmed at the Nevada State Prison. Our own Glen Whorton will speak, and show clips from the movies, many of which were filmed while the prison was active! Check out CarsonNow for more details. If you can’t wait to hear Glen, feel free to whet your appetite by checking out the Movie pages on this website: here and here.

Tour Dates for the 2022 Season!

The Board of Directors set the following dates and times for the 2022 tour season of the Historic Nevada State Prison. Each tour day will have tours at 10.00, 11.00, noon, and 1.00pm. Please note that tour tickets for the season (May through October) are completely sold out. The 22 tour dates are:– Saturdays: 7, 21, and 28 May; 4 and 18 June; 2 and 16 July; 6 and 20 August; 3 and 17 September; 1, 15, and 29 October.– Sundays: 29 May; 3 July; 4 September; and 30 October.– Mondays: 30 May; 4 July; and 5 September.– Friday: 28 … Read More

General Membership Meeting!

Nevada State Prison Preservation Society (NSPPS) will hold its General Membership Meeting on Saturday, 13 November, starting at 10.00 am.For the details, check out October’s The CellHouse Snitch, available here. To join NSPPS, please visit our Membership page, here. All of the details are there, including a “fillable” form that you can email back to us. And, for your convenience, we accept credit cards through PayPal.