Progress made on several fronts

It has been a very productive month for the Nevada State Prison Preservation Society. On Aug. 23, Glen Whorton and Maurice White met with the Deputy Director of the Department of Corrections, Harold Wickham. We presented an application for work permits for three projects. We need to finish the wall opening between A and B Blocks so tours can access the entire Cellhouse and the execution chamber. Secondly we need to remove the gate on the front of the Culinary because it is a trip hazard. Lastly we need to remodel the restroom in the Courthouse to meet ADA standards. … Read More

Permits needed before work may proceed

The Preservation Society has been ready for some time to start the projects to turn Nevada State Prison into a public historic experience. We have the necessary funds to complete the planned projects without using public money. The current holdup is the process to obtain work permits from the State Public Works Department. The request for these permits must be submitted by the property owner, the Department of Corrections. We cannot proceed until this happens. We know of no precedent for the public/private arrangement that was created by Assembly Bill 377, so everything we do seems to be difficult. We … Read More

Dr. Gedney previews her new book

Dr. Karen Gedney previewed her new book “30 Years Behind Bars,” about her time as the prison doctor at Northern Nevada Correctional Center, for members of the Nevada State Prison Preservation Society on Feb. 17. The book is now available on Amazon. Now retired, Gedney told about 30 members of NSPPS during a general membership meeting of her ordeal being taken hostage in 1989 by Kenneth James Meller, who was serving a life sentence for killing Nevada State Trooper Gary Gifford in 1975. Meller, having made his way into the prison’s infirmary, asked her what day it was. She told … Read More

Greg Smith elected to board of directors

The board of directors is pleased to announce the election of Greg Smith. Greg retired from the Nevada Department of Corrections after 29 years of service. Greg began his career as a correctional officer trainee at the Nevada State Prison and was the warden at Nevada State Prison when it was decommissioned in 2012. His final assignment was as the warden of the adjacent Warm Springs Correctional Center and the Northern Nevada Transitional Center in Reno. Greg has also been an instructor on corrections at Western Nevada College and guest lecturer on Nevada correctional issues at the University of Nevada. … Read More

Cleaning up after completion of the movie

by Glen Whorton The holidays always slow things down a bit, but we’ve had a busy few weeks since Christmas. The action picked up almost immediately with Robin Bates hammering on the film production company for the repair of the carpet in the Courtroom. During the film production many of the crew brought their dogs into the prison. Robin’s legendary persistence has paid off and the company has agreed to pay $4,000 for the replacement of the carpeting.  This should be completed before the end of January. Good job. Robin! This replacement has been approved by the State Historic Preservation … Read More

Newly discovered stereograph

A recently discovered stereograph, believed to be circa 1880, shows people examining prehistoric footprints at the Nevada State Prison. Stereographs consist of two nearly identical photographs or photomechanical prints, paired to produce the illusion of a single three-dimensional image, usually when viewed through a stereoscope. Check out the Library of Congress’s collection, where you can search for Nevada or the name on this card, Pacific Coast Views, for several eye-catching examples, including views of Washoe Valley and of Yosemite from the late 1800s. This particular stereograph doesn’t show up in either search. If you have any additional information about it, … Read More