Thoughts from the president

by Glen Whorton

By now you have heard that a movie was filmed at Nevada State Prison. This was a 10-week endeavor involving thousands of hours of Nevada State Prison Preservation Society volunteer time.

Actually, this movie would not have been possible without the involvement of NSPPS.

Glen Whorton

Coordination of this effort was supervised by NSPPS Vice President Robin Bates. It all started in August with the development of a location agreement by NSPPS legal counsel, Brian Hutchins. The movie company prepped the site during the month of September, and filmed during October and November.

The support of our members was amazing. The movie company usually worked 14-hour days, seven days per week. We had to be on site whenever they where there.

The following member volunteers made this possible: Susan Bernard, Jim Benedetti, Didi Chaney, Jan Davis, Woody Davis, Don Helling, Vicki Bates, Joe Kinsley, Terry Hubert, Warren Maxim, Mike Proper, Lee Perks, Karen Gedney, Greg Smith, Maurice White.

Susan Bernard, Mike Proper and Terry Hubert actually had parts in the movie.

The movie company paid $10,000 for the rental of NSP. This money was deposited in the Endowment Fund for the Historic Preservation of the Nevada State Prison. In addition, the movie company made a donation of $31,000 to our organization to express their appreciation for the work we are doing to preserve NSP.

Board member Lee Perks rented his water tank and trailer to the movie company, then donated the $2,000 rental fee to NSPPS. Thanks, Lee!

We can’t say much more than this as our agreement prevents us from speaking on the content of the movie. During filming, the staff of the Nevada Film Office toured the prison and were very positive about the future use of the prison as a film setting.

Funds for projects

Now that we have funds for projects, we have submitted a request and received approval from the State Historic Preservation Office to commence refurbishing the restrooms in the NSP courtroom. We are working on getting estimates and engaging the services of a contractor who will obtain a work permit from the State Public Works Board. Also, the movie company is going to pay for new carpet in the courtroom due to damage incurred during filming.

Regarding our permit process, we have submitted a request to SHPO to cut through a cinder block wall on the first floor of the cell house. This wall is a barrier to access for people with mobility issues, and it is not historic. Removal of the wall will allow tour access throughout the cell house, the stairs to the execution chamber, the max unit, and the culinary. This brings us one step closer to gaining a certificate of occupancy and permit.

Thanks for Lisa’s work

Lisa Helget has resigned from the board. She was a valued member of our board and never failed to respond to a request for assistance from me. I appreciate all her work and encouragement. We wish her well, as she has wished us success.