The Status of Tours at the Nevada State Prison

September 2022
The Board of Directors of the Nevada State Prison Preservation Society is pleased to announce the status of tours of the historic Nevada State Prison.

As some of you know, we received the long awaited Change of Use Permit in January 2021, which allows us to open and operate.

During our 2021 season, we opened for seven Saturdays, and for three days each during the Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Nevada Day Weekends.  We conducted 90 tours and delighted over 1,000 visitors with ninety minute tours of the site led by knowledgeable guides.  We opened our gift shop, offering T-shirts and other keepsakes.

Our season would not have been possible without our dedicated corps of volunteers.  Words can not express our gratitude for the time and talent that they freely gave us.  The hot and smoky summer days presented a challenge, but they all persevered, and gave our visitors their best.

The Board of Directors set the following 22 dates and times for the 2022 tour season of the Historic Nevada State Prison. Each tour day will have tours at 10.00, 11.00, noon, and 1.00pm.

The 22 dates are:
– Saturdays: 7, 21, and 28 May; 4 and 18 June; 2 and 16 July; 6 and 20 August; 3 and 17 September; 1, 15, and 29 October.
– Sundays: 29 May; 3 July; 4 September; and 30 October.
– Mondays: 30 May; 4 July; and 5 September.
– Friday: 28 October.

All tickets for the season (May – October) are now sold out.

Each tour will last approximately ninety minutes, led by knowledgeable guides with a “sweep” to keep each group of about 15 visitors, together.

The current price of the tour is $15.00.  Until further notice, tickets will only be available through the on-line Box Office, and our system accepts a number of payment methods.  No refunds are available at this time.
The web address for our Box Office is:
Nevada State Prison Preservation Society Tickets

If you need assistance, please contact the Box Office, via email:  [email protected]

Due to State of Nevada regulations, we must have a signed Assumption of Risk, Agreement, Release, and Waiver of Liability for each visitor, unless they are a current employee of the State of Nevada.  Parents or legal guardians must sign one for their minor children.  We have these forms available at check-in or for your convenience, you may download it and bring it with you.
ARRW Form, here.

We look forward to having you join us on one of our tours next season.  This short video will whet your appetite to visit:

The Board of Directors
Nevada State Prison Preservation Society